Josh Howie @ the Drygate


Josh Howie, former trainee Rabbi, brings cult-edge comedy to Glasgow

Josh Howie, who’s avant-garde, geeky comedy has made him one of Britain’s cult-edge superheroes, both in the UK and around the world, will headline Gilded Balloon Comedy at Drygate, Glasgow, on Friday 07 July 2017.

Danny O’Brien, a leading young Irish comic, together with the charismatic and uninhibited Glaswegian comedian, Rosco McLelland, will join Josh Howie on the Drygate Brewery stage. Glasgow based comedian Scott Agnew, an extremely talented and entertaining compere, will take charge of the mirth-fuelled evening, keeping both comedians and audience in check.

With his ‘technical expertise in creating gags’ (Chortle), Josh Howie sees comedy as a ‘necessary function to challenge taboos’. Although he is pretty provocative and loves winding people up he’s absolutely hilarious, delivering sharply drawn and intensely personal self-deprecating stories, coupled with a succession of playful and risqué one-liners.

Josh Howie is the son of legendary PR guru Lynne Franks, the woman who inspired Jennifer Saunders’ character Edina in Absolutely Fabulous. He is an ex-public schoolboy, raised as a Buddhist, before living with Native Americans and finally settling down as a trainee Rabbi. However he was kicked off the programme for being caught with a naked (non-Jewish) girl.

Danny O’Brien

County Wicklow’s Danny O’Brien has a warm, chatty, anecdotal style that was honed whilst performing in tough Dublin pubs. Memorable Danny O’Brien moments have included having to physically wrestle a semi-naked man off his stage and seeing a woman glass her boyfriend in the front row. Fortunately for this Irish charmer, he’s very funny and can leave the less salubrious venues behind, instead drawing in an audience and bringing on the big laughs with ease.

As Winner of Scottish Comedian of the Year 2016, Rosco Mclelland, has proved himself as a rising star. He is leading the way in the Vanguard of Glaswegian alternative comedy. Tall, bearded and messily dressed, this rangy comedian, with a gravelly and animated onstage presence, is loud, in-your-face and full of chaotic energy. His naturally humorous delivery and surreal observations of Glasgow’s citizens emit continuous laughter from his audience.

As compere for the evening 6’5” powerhouse Scott Agnew’s easy-going, laid back delivery and friendly approach to stand up will lull the Glasgow audience into a false sense of security before he spins yarns of general misadventure, mixing tales of nightlife, gay life and tramp life, that will both shock and have them laughing uncontrollably. In recent years Scott has taken the Scottish comedy scene by the scruff of the neck proving that gay comedy doesn’t have to be camp to be funny.

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