An Interview with Sandra Hale

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Hello Sandra, so where ya from & where ya at, geographically speaking?
I live near Potters Bar in Hertfordshire until the marital home is sold and then who knows ? I shall be a free agent and can live where I please if I get a reasonable financial settlement!

You have been in the business of showbusiness for sometime now – can you give us a whirlwind summary?
Whirlwind summary of my showbiz career.. played Sidney James’s daughter for a year. Worked with some comedy greats.. Charles Hawtrey in No Sex Please we’re British. John Inman, Harry Worth, Clive Dunn… all dead now. That’s why I’ve got to get a move on! TV I’m still getting royalties for The Bill, Londons Burning, The Sweeney etc.. I often played a tart or a grass. More recently I’ve appeared in BBC 3’s Top Ten comedy shorts with Chris Stokes called Life Lessons.Things that are said to Vegans.Several commercials. One for Persil where I played a Russian Psychic and today my Virgin Games commercial has just come out where I play a laundrette worker!

Why stand-up comedy?
I’ve always loved making people laugh and when the acting work started to dry up round about the same time I did, I decided to have a go at comedy to scratch the performing itch

What are the secrets of a good joke?
The secrets of a good joke? Can’t tell you, it’s a secret!


What does Sandra Hale like to do when she’s not being funny?
When I’m not trying to make people laugh, I can be found eating. I love to eat. Love it. My mouth is always on the go. That, and reading. And fortunately the two go together so I’m lucky.

You are bringing your show ‘Self Helpless’ to the Fringe this August, can you tell us about it?
Self Helpless! is a show filled with insights that will help you get through life providing you have good looks, no opinions, and can tap dance.
Sandra Hale is a self help guru like no other. In fact she’s no guru at all. She’s survived. That’s enough.

You have also written a book to accompany the show – has that enhanced the depth & quality of the act?
My book is a complete antithesis to every self help book out there. After all we can’t all be selfless, moralistic and confident. So if like me you are insecure, needy, and a people pleaser then this book is for you. You may still have low self esteem after reading it but you won’t care. The show came first and the book evolved from it. They are both different but the theme runs true in both. Never be yourself! It doesn’t work!

What emotive responses would you like from your audience, & what do you expect?
I want my audience to love me. I need their approval and I do practically anything to get it. I have zero self respect

What does the rest of 2017 hold in store for Sandra Hale?
2017 hopefully will bring me adulation, popularity and gifts..
I can hope can’t I ?

Sandra will be performing in Edinburgh this Fringe

Aug 3-26 : Just The Tonic @ The Caves (13.20)

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