An Interview with Margaret Thatcher


Hello your Ladyship, how are you finding the step from leading a small island off the coast of Northern Europe, to being an international comedy superstar?
Oh it’s very much the same. The only difference is this time the people booing aren’t sitting behind me. Seriously though, I’m having a lovely time as a musical sensation – I’m dropping more beats than Theresa May has dropped manifesto pledges.

Political satire is a niche, but lively branch of the comedy tree. Who are your inspirations in this field?
Ed Milliband, Tim Farron, Diane Abbott – They’re all very funny comedy characters.

Can you sum up the experience of performing at the mega-mash-up that is the Fringe?
It’s lovely. It is in Scotland unfortunately, but during August it’s basically just full of people from London so I don’t mind it. Apart from the streets! Cobbles + Heels = not a happy Maggie.

Your ‘Queen of Soho’ has done rather well at former Fringes & across the world. How did you find the experience?
Well, I’ve always been a beloved figure so I took it in my stride. I’ve been very lucky to meet people like Jeremy Corbyn and Alex Salmond and more important people like Sue Perkins. And the audiences had a lovely time at my show too. One woman was enjoying herself so much she threw up in someone else’s handbag.

Game Show 6 (c) Mihaela BodlovicJPG.JPG

This year you are bringing us your ‘Queen of Game Shows.’ Why the new angle?
I thought it would be less work. Unfortunately it turns out game shows are quite difficult to do as well. But I think I’ve risen to the challenge. We’ve got games such as Check Your Privilege, Fake News and Brexit Through the Gift Shop. It’s quite a topical show considering that I stopped being Prime Minister almost 30 years ago!

Its been quite a year in the world of politics, how much of this will be penetrating your show?
Oh, I’ve already incorporated all the major news events: The General Election result, Donald Trump, Love Island-it’ll be cutting edge, dear! The only problem is if anything changes between now and the end of August…

There are also some lovely musical moments. Who is the mastermind behind all this?
ME! I’m a one-woman-show-making-machine! I choose all the music: Cher, Bonnie Tyler, Dolly Parton. They’re all iconic musicians who recorded incredible versions songs which couldn’t be bettered… until I came along and smashed them all, now they’re all second best, and you don’t get anything for coming in second!

Game Show 1 (c) Mihaela Bodlovic.JPG

Can you describe your working relationship with Jon Brittain?
Jon who??? Do you mean the beardy man who claims to be my director? No, no, no dear, it’s not a working relationship, he’s more a charity case. I did this all myself. I had the idea for the show and right then and there I got out my pen and wrote a cheque to him and Matt Tedford to do it for me.

This Fringe you will also be putting on some Club Nights? Can you tell us about these?
Oh yes! I’ve taken back Soho, light entertainment, the Falklands and now I am coming for Disco! There’ll be non-stop 80s hits from a non-stop 80s witch! We’ll have all the hits, vogueing, neon tights and you’ll finally be able to see if the Lady is for turning… on the dance floor!

What will her ladyship be doing between shows this August?
Mountains of cocaine. And crosswords.

And finally, what will her ladyship be doing after the Fringe?
Paying off the debts. Putting on a show isn’t cheap, dear!

Her Ladyship will be performing her ‘Queen of Game Shows’ at Assembly George Square Gardens from 3rd – 27th August (not 14th) at 9pm, & her ‘Queen of Club Nights’ at Assembly Checkpoint on Saturday 19th and Saturday 26th August at 1am.

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