Just the Tonic @ The Mash House
3th – 13th August (18.20)

Material: three-stars.png Delivery: four-stars.png Laughs: four-stars.png

The RH Experience’s Scribble consists of four young and charismatic cheeky chaps Conor Jatter, Luke Spillane and Tom Webster and Dan Attfield who sprung onto the stage on the first night of the festival with their highly successful improvised sketch show. The comedy quartet, who pull in half a million viewers on their award winning YouTube channel also have a sell-out night at London comedy club The Miller and a regular radio slot on Camden’s Roundhouse Radio.

The show is colourful, witty and dynamic and easily earns itself frequent laughs from the thrilled audience, who decide and pen the topics to be tackled on entering the venue. These ideas are then selected and drawn real time by none other than the Beano’s illustrator Ed Stockham. Add to the mix some beat boxing, guitar playing and comedy songs, and you have your audience captivated on a one hour razor sharp journey.

Their genuine love of interactive, physical comedy is apparent within the group, and pours out in boundless energy and flowing dynamics. They work well together and bounce off each other, both literally and metaphorically, swiftly catching any hesitant gaps with fast paced punchy jokes or a deft steer of the improv around another corner into a whole new territory. Our particular show touched on the random topics of lonely circus life, midget magicians and detective bingo, but given each show will be spontaneous and unique who knows where you might end up.

The quartet have a definite Inbetweeners vibe and would definitely appeal to a younger audience. They introduce some beatboxing, which possibly could have been expanded more throughout the set and the music could perhaps have had a bigger role in the sketch altogether, but all in all, a well delivered, enjoyable show by some talented and rather endearing young guys.

Reviewer: Teri Welsh


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