Matt Price


Cabaret Voltaire
Aug 3-27 (19.45)

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Appearing live in the bowels of Cabaret Voltaire, you twist down stairs, bend around tight corners and finally get to a foyer with a collection off blacked-out vaults. That’s when I came across the Long Room where the Cornish born Comedian Matt Price is back at the Edinburgh Fringe with his hard hitting, in-your-face, stand-up story-telling extravaganza of a show. The man also know as The Weed Fairy takes no prisoners, and it is apparent from the start of the show that he means business. Like an out of control Tornado, he bombards you with joke after joke and tale after tale, playing the audience like a laughing orchestra. Indeed, the audience are an important part of his show as he works extremely hard to involve them in his murky world of dos and don’ts. The energy and continuous eye contact allows no-one to escape from his ultimate goal, to make you laugh like never before, which he did with consummate ease. In a recent interview with The Mumble, Matt explained how he weaves his comedy web;


I can only really be myself on stage. That’s when I think I connect with the audience the best and when I get the best reaction. I also usually end up having a great story as life seems to hand me certain gifts in that respect. So I take a story and make it into a show. And I suppose they are bit different to the norm, but I like that. I’m the sort of person who things happen to and no matter how bad or weird they might be, I eventually turn them into material. 

A trip through Matt’s life is like a roller-coaster that has no way of stopping. Direct, witty and played out with a deep Cornish accent which jabs at us with stitches of laughter, Matt has you hooked with his relentless onslaught of mind-provoking gags. Like a Cornish Pastie bursting at the seams, full of flavour and meat, Matt is here to fill your stomach with Free comedy that will leave you full of joy. When his Father is brought into the fold with stories of Weed growing, you soon become aware that if you want to know anything about pop music you speak to Simon Cowell but if you want to know about Pot, speak to Matt Price and his Dad. This is a true hidden gem of a show that kicks you in the face with life as we know it… Matt doesn’t bite but he will leave you with tears in your eyes.


Reviewer : Raymondo


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