Siân and Zoë’s Sugar Coma Fever Nightmare

NR 16-12-10 215

The Community Project
Aug 6-13, 15-27 (18.45)

Material: five-stars.png Deliveryfour-stars.png Laughs:  four-stars.png

Tucked away in a small room within the Grassmarket Community Centre, the energetic Sian & Zoe were waiting to unleash their mysterious concoction of sketch comedy and stand up. A “Sugar Coma Fever Nightmare” was created and designed for our pleasure by this young, female duo, and as darkness becomes light the nightmare scenario begins. With so much comedy around at the Fringe you never know what you are going to get, but, with Sian and Zoe you get it all. This show is faster than losing your Toupee in a Hurricane. They come at you like a bullet from a gun, hitting you in every part of your body with side-splitting jokes and sketches that relight the art of comedy sketching. In a recent interview with The Mumble, Sian encapsulated the essence of their show as being;

…still very much an alternative comedy show, so there’s lots of visual business and the offbeat stuff that we like. But the dream setting has given us loads to play with in terms of characters and sketches that exist just outside of reality. Please note that although the show is dream-themed, we have put a lot of work into it so having a nap through the show will not produce the same effect.


Clambering through the audience with their dreamcatchers, it is not long before they have taken over your life and for the next hour you are theirs to do what every they want with. The creativeness of this show allows the audience in and we were there, the duo pounced, swooping down like an eagle at full speed & gobbling you up without remorse. The acting and miming was refreshing to see, Charlie Chaplin would be a proud patriarch! The eating of a computer, the super hero that is Scrabble Man and the confusion that ISIS was the International Space Station was just for starters…

This nicely crafted piece of theatre, sketches and story-telling has you eating at your thoughts while laughing your heart out. People always say that kids say the funniest things but Sian and Zoe trump that by saying even funnier things. Hilarious, entertaining, witty, direct and clever, trust within yourself and go see this wee gem of a show as it should not be missed. A real joy and one off this year’s highlights thus far !!!!!

Reviewed by Raymondo


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