Funz And Gamez: Flogging a Dead Horze


The Community Project
Aug 9-13, 15-27 (13.30)

Material: three-stars.png Deliveryfour-stars.png Laughs:  five-stars.png

I saw Funz and Gamez by the Grass market, Edinburgh, @ The Community Project. This is a comedy show that touches on adult humour (fun for all ages). Phil Ellis’ Funz and Gamez was hilarious, entertaining and involving for kids (and some lucky adults). Sometimes it strayed into humour which I didn’t quite understand, but the adults were laughing their heads off.


Sweets were “chucked” at children and caught by children, all in all a great show. I enjoyed the “horse racing” and the cuddly koala… delightful. The Teletubbies Sun (Jonny Vegas) is all grown up now and is not so sunny, but he does blow clouds (of cigarette smoke). If Funz and Gamez comez to your town I highly suggest you and your adults come along .

Review by Ivy Oakman (aged 10)



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