Hurt & Anderson : Come What May


Just the Tonic at The Mash House
Aug 3-27 Aug (14.40)

Material: four-stars.png Delivery: four-stars.png Laughs: three-stars.png

Hurt and Anderson’s “Come What May” is a female-powered buddy-comedy sketch show. The duo bring a sparkling vitality to the stage and their energy postulates from high for every moment. Their show centers around friendship, their friendship, the highs, the lows, the easy bits and the difficult parts. They employ a sketch comedy format, gently transitioning between characters and moods. They also incorporate their definite talents of music and movement. Hurt plays acoustic guitar and Anderson plays electric keys, and they sing, making delightful harmonies, & actual comedy! Indeed, H&A were finalists in this year’s Musical Comedy Awards, & in a recent interview with The Mumble, when asked he secrets behind writing & performing a funny song?, Georgia Hurt told us;

It’s funny you should ask! We have a song in the show this year based around this idea of trying to write a funny song. For us I think the main thing you have freedom with in a song is lyrical word play and structure. You can always play around with rhymes or subverting expectations. And then I think what works well for us is having this sweet sounding melody, which the lyrics then betray with something filthy or unexpected. The songs come much easier than sketches normally.

The most interesting part of Come What May is the tension between Hurt and Anderson. Long time best friends, but of course they have idiosyncratic differences and struggle to make a comedy team. This is humanity-in-comedy & their interpersonal dialogues were the strength of the hour. The two ladies helped me to reflect on my own friendships and wonder how I can be a better support for them. This is perfect comedy that gently pushed on the boundaries of enlightenment, which has you foot-tapping & whistling along as if we were sat in an Ohio saloon.

Reviewer : Michael Beeson


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