Siân Docksey’s Totally Casual & Freewheeling Mystic Comedy Lemon Torpedo


Laughing Horse @ 48 Below
Aug 3-27 (12.00)

Material: five-stars.png  Deliveryfour-stars.png  Laughs:  three-stars.png

Sian_FINAL_WEBSiân Docksey’s Totally Casual & Freewheeling Mystic Comedy Lemon Torpedo is an intelligent and meaningful way to spend your noon hour at this year’s Fringe. Our artist presents a smart metaphor for the difficulty of being an “ab”normal person in western society. The material deals with gender fluidity, sexism, sexuality and privilege. Her show started a tad slow, and at first I could not tell if Siân was actually doing a satire of comedians who try too hard to be funny OR was just plain trying too hard to be funny. But Siân was soon on her comedic feet, finding her groove, which peaked in a soliloquy on her grandmother’s immigration. It seemed to me as if Siân had stolen away from trying to be funny and started speaking directly from her creative spirit.

During her set Siân managed to make fun of both my sun-sign and my nationality. These gentle insults actually felt like a rock hitting the bottom of my stomach, and for a moment I stopped smiling or having fun. An unexpected & momentary awkardness which made me realise such emotions were mere trivialities in life, & I should just laugh off the digs & hold on tight to Siân’s torpedo as it hurtled through the comedy ocean. So I did, & I enjoyed it, & as I stepped out into the Broughton Street sunshine I thought to myself, ‘I aint ever seen anything quite like that!’  I highly recommend going to see Siân Docksey this Fringe. The show is fresh, thought-provoking and I can’t imagine there is anything better happening at noon.

Reviewer : Michael Beeson



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