The Delightful Sausage : Cold Hard Cache

What a pair

The Caves
Aug 6-13, 15-27 (13.00)

Material: four-stars.png  Delivery: four-stars.png  Laughs: four-stars.png

IMG_20170811_132551127.jpgImagine its a really, really hot day – the fan’s not working, the beers are flat & you’re stuck on a noisy bus. Well that’s the Fringe. Then you come to your stop, there’s a cool ocean breeze, an ice-cream van is parked right by the bus, & there’s a clear-watered, empty outdoor swimming pool just waiting to be dived into. That’s what going to see The Delightful Sausage in Edinburgh, 2017, is exactly like. Refreshing beyond belief. OK, to catch people’s notice in a such a plethoraic arena, you need a gimmick a two, & dressing up as a sausage suddenly does that. A little needlessly, one would say, but Amy who dons the sausage outfit seems to enjoy herself, so its all good. Her partner, Chris Cantrill – a former Leicester Square New Comedian of the Year (2013) – is her perfect foil, & the duo gambol like two happy lambs in a glade, bouncing off each other’s energy & setting up each others’ gags with precision timing. In a recent interview with The Mumble, Team Sausage’s Amy described Cold Hard Cache as;

A sketch comedy show which is loosely about The Internet. So, so loosely. The central premise sees myself and Chris running a free course for those in the community who need a helping hand with modern technology. It’s all just an elaborate structure from which to hang some premium titting about. 

Team Sausage bristles with good old fashioned Northern English wit, which is channeled through an educational seminar on life & then, later, the internet. There are also moments of quite off-the-wall brilliance; statements such as ‘my boyfriend’s gonna leave  a dead mouse on the doormat… because he’s a cat,’ a line which I believe would only sound funny coming out from the hand grenade that is Team Sausage’s execution of its material, but when it does, the shrapnel tears a hole in all our modern seriousness. There is one moment in the show that defined the Delightful Sausage for me. I was sat at the back of the room, to which area Amy had just sped in order to change into a new costume. As Chris was rollicking through his stuff alone on stage, beside me Amy began laughing out loud. She must have known what was coming, had heard it all a hundred times before, but she was enjoying Chris as if she was hearing him for the first time. You just can’t buy that chemistry, & the duo really do relay it into the room. Well worth a visit!

Reviewer : Damo


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