The Wedding Reception

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The Principal Hotel
Aug 13, 15-20, 22-27 (times vary)

Material: five-stars.png Delivery: five-stars.png Laughs: five-stars.png


Last night I went to The Wedding Reception at Principal Edinburgh. Kate and Will were across the street getting married, expecting a simple dinner afterwards. Kate’s family had other plans. The bride and groom didn’t know we were coming! This was a perfectly believable setting, the Principal is gorgeous,  & we began the night mingling with our fellow guests met in a beautiful reception room with bar. We were soon greeted by the bride’s mom and the best man. They chatted with all of us, the bride’s mom, Lynne, in her words, “bubbling over!” with excitement, “it’s a surprise! we’re surprising them!” The best man played a friendly host, while taking bets in a little black book on just how long the groom’s speech would be. I loved the Wedding Planner, running in the room officiously, quickly adjusting little things here and there, then running out with clipboard in hand.


Everything we expect from a wedding reception was there: sentimental speech from father of the bride, (“Look into the eyes of your loved one, dear friends, this is the person statistically most likely to murder you”) the party-crashers, (members of the groom’s family), the groom’s speech (unprepared, he told the best non-joke I’ve ever heard), the cutting of the wedding cake, bride’s bouquet toss, and first dance, plenty of room for mishap and mayhem!



Four talented actors with impeccable comedic timing and ad lib played over eight characters. The traditional rites of a wedding celebration were there but nothing traditional followed. And there was the surprise entertainment, who’d have expected Elton! I enjoyed every minute of this hysterically funny reception. This theatricals were so much fun, and yes, the food was delicious right down to the coffee. That’s saying a lot from a Seattle guest. I cannot praise this show enough, encumbered as I am by a top mark of 5 stars, I would give more.

We are all invited to the most madcap marital celebration of them all. Don’t miss it.

Reviewer : Donna Waddington



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