Joe Jacobs : Ripe


Sweet Holyrood

Aug 15-23, 26-27 (17:00)

Material: four-stars.png  Delivery: three-stars.png  Laughs: four-stars.png

Joe Jacobs is cool, a ‘Jewish comedian’ in the loosest sense of the term –  he barely scratches his faith – Joe is a dapper wee fella whose company well worth investing in this Fringe. Unpretentious AND funny is a difficult combo, but Joe’s got the blend just right, as attested by a wee guffaws & the snorts of understanding that erupted from a crowd made comfortable from the onset. Joe has his really easy, watchable vibe, who stalks his comedy like a panther at night, pouncing on the punchlines with a droll & almost smirky smile. But like I said; its cool, he’s cool… we’re all cool.

Joe is a confident cookie, who snippets his set with short, snazzy musical interludes such as impersonating a garage MC. Her also offers smidgefuls of social commentary, comparing life to Panini sticker albums, the Nazis to Edinburgh reviewers, & at one point shines a mucky telescope on the Dark Web. He also has a decent sense of humility, admitting the comedians’ life isn’t all that lucrative, but laughs it off & just continues with his set, cos the guy just loves to be up there, you can tell, & that makes a big difference when draping a room in comedy covers. There is a certain universality to Joe’s comedy, & if my dad was with me, he’d say ‘I really enjoyed that, Damian,’ which translates into the Mumbleverse as four stars.

Reviewer : Damo


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