Sam & Tom : Unrectifiable


Heroes @ Dragonfly
Aug 3-27 (18.10)

Material: four-stars.png  Delivery: four-stars.png  Laughs: three-stars.png

Sam & Tom are a couple of quirky sketch comedians in their mid-twenties, whose youth bubbles up through their fresh-faced banter like an alka-seltzer in a flagon of whiskey. Sam, with his gorilla swagger, & Tom with his slightly deranged boy-next-doorness create a sketch duo that is proper out there… somewhere. ‘Let us crack on with one of our stupidest bits,’ they assert, & off they go into something like a Saturday morning kids show for adults; silly, unpretentious & a wee tornado blowing around every part of the room &which whips us all into the wind-swirl. In a recent interview with The Mumble, Tom described their sketch creation being ‘suggestion-argument-compromise-frolic,’ & the latter word is the key to the show, as their dandified delivery blazes a trail of high-jinks, fly-japes & extreme jollity


The nuts & bolts of their giggletastic landscape is a tour through time in the mould of Bill & Ted’s Excellent adventure. Their weird, alternate universe is akin to comedy quantum mechanics, their thought-processes leaping about all over the shop like fun-charged atoms. The boys can act as well, & the whole montage is stupendously daft, but clever as hell as these mind-swapping mentalists pick up their muse, shake it about like a rabbit in a labrador’s jaws & toss the poor thing, screaming, into the room. Starting brilliantly, then descending (or ascending I’m not quite sure) into something I’ve never quite seen, Sam & Tom have created something modern for the Fringe, & also something funny – an intensely ludicrous sketch-comedy-cum-play that is undeniably entertaining.

Reviewer : Damo


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