The Stuntman


Laughing Horse @ The Free Sisters
Aug 16-27 (13.30)

Material: four-stars.png  Delivery: four-stars.png  Laughs: three-stars.png


Nathan Lang is a delightfully ebullient Australian fellow who creates wonderful sketch comedy as part of duo, Jon & Nath, but has now ventured into something of his own creation as well. World, welcome to The Stuntman, which is a childishly simple, subtly sophisticated & effortlessly remarkable piece of clownerie! The stuntman son of Evel Knievel, he pommels his way through his story & its set-pieces with pure enjoyment beaming from his face & investing his aura, an infectious blend which spreads through the room like a fishernet into which all of us are – quite happily – caught. In a recent interview with The Mumble, Nathan talked about his show in more detail;

The Stuntman is my first solo show, it’s so much fun and I just love doing it. Essentially it’s a clown piece – absurd, surreal, silly and interactive. There’s mime, but it’s not a silent show. It’s the story of a completely idiotic daredevil, told through physical comedy, games, actual stunts, and a few touching moments too. I decided to make it largely non-verbal so it’s accessible to everyone regardless of language.


Nathan’s ‘largely non-verbal’ Mr Bean style-patter really does work; a tittering, chittering medley of noises which accompany the show. The Stuntman also contains the funniest moment I have seen all Fringe, ‘Gordon’s hot chocolate time,’ & the whole thing is just a great, great watch. If the Fringe is a buffet-banquet with all sorts of choice nuggets to tantalize the tastebuds, then make sure, when you reach the plate of clowning about, to try Nathan Lang’s comically outlandish vol-au-vent.

Reviewer : Damo


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