Dirty White Boys : Stupid


The Caves
Aug 23-27 (21:20)

Material: four-stars.png  Delivery: four-stars.png  Laughs: four-stars.png


Yes! Yes! Yes! A comedy sketch duo does what it says on the tin. Jack Robertson and Chazz Redhead are a slick operation, with punchlines to match, whose comedy whips come crackling into the room & keep us all in the fold for the entireity of their show. In fact, it’s rare to be in a sketch show at the Fringe where you are gleefully anticipating the next creation from your barmpit boffins, but with the DWB this is quite the norm. Aye, Jack & Chazz simply bristle with assurity, crackle with onstage chemistry, & look damn cool in their matching black suits. So its all, all good!

These two fellows have distanced themsleves somewhat from reality, for our benefit of course, & present their English brand of humour with intelligent posture & eloquence, as in their  ‘at the rear of the domicile there is a rather large & superflous pile of planks.’ From their ‘Sliced-bread’ sketch to the ‘Two Rickmans,’ there is a real nice mix of mood & madness, among which I discoverd the creme de la creme of all my Fringey custard comedy pies, 2017. The Clowns & Nazis sketch is something to behold – it even has audeince participation – & is worth going for all on its own, but of course the rest of the set bubbles with hilarious jungle juice, leading to a brilliant finale where the lads end up slagging each other offer. Pitch perfect!

Reviewer : Damo


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