Cam Spence : The Matriarchy Experience


Ciao Roma
Until the 26th (20.20)

Material: four-stars.png  Delivery: four-stars.png  Laughs: three-stars.png

Cam Spence is almost at the end of her first foray into the Fringe, within the cerebral, pink, neo-classical basement of Ciao Roma. What the Mumble caught at the end of her run was an extremely funny bout of character comedy, as polished as a Sultana’s gemstone, & we wondered how she would have been at the start. Either way, Cam is a consummate comedian who likes to mess about with us like some trickster goddess from Asgard, but does it with such self-belief in her abilities that her audience are simply lapping up whatever titbits she deigns to throw at us.


Her principle persona is Slapper Laughs – whose accent is half-Brummie/half-Australian – whose main theme is the creation of the Matriarchy, a flip-flop role reversal straight from the Amazonian steppes. Spence is a natural born entertainer, & a very witty satirist at heart, & despite her butter-wouldn’t-melt appearance, we find said butter trickling down an orgasmically pulsing thigh as she penetrates our sexuality with subtlety & finesse &, of course, a great deal of fun.

There is a pasture out there that are the Elysian Fields of Ms. Spence’s creativity, & at the moment the youthful cubs of her comedy genius are grazing. As these cubs mature & flesh out into full bullocks, I imagine some powerful & meaty comedy will be the result. Cam Spence, please come back to Edinburgh next year & let us see how they have grown!

Reviewer : Damo


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