Tamar Broadbent : Get Ugly


Underbelly Med Quad
Aug 24-28 (17:30)

Material: four-stars.png  Delivery: four-stars.png  Laughs:  four-stars.png

Apparently when you go through a break up you become 25% uglier, prone to wearing hats, making strange faces on dating apps, and catching STD’s... but her driving skills are frankly awesome.  Londoner Tamar Broadbent turns her comic genius to this most common, and lets face it, not very enjoyable experiences.  Truly the mark of a good comedian to find the laughs in our most difficult experiences.

Tamar does this brilliantly, with her bubbling enthusiasm, sharp wit, great singing and keyboard skills, sexual revelations and a little bit of life lessons.  She switches between stand up and her own songs.  It’s mostly light hearted, mocking quinoa eating hipsters,  super fit gym girl envy, her amazing driving skills, trying to delete your face book account, visits to STD clinics, waxing her vagina and misplaced pants as well as being able to move the fridge, if you find yourself divorced.

The title of the show “get ugly” also deals with issues of body image.  She embraces this subject in her comic material, always able to laugh at herself, but with a confidence that she imparts to her audience.  Standing up for yourself and realising your own self worth is a big message from the show, and she ends on the slogan “25% uglier but 100% awesome!”.  While much of the material might appeal to a twenty something audience, she is able to reach out to the whole audience, and they loved it.  She’s eminently likeable and the show is great fun, but also addresses self esteem and the inevitable pitfalls of separation.  Great show…plenty of laughs and good advice!

Reviewer : Sophie Younger


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