A Cheeky Interview with Mr Twonkey

The Fringe wouldn’t be the Fringe without Mr Twonkey, so all praise to the Comedy Gods because he’s coming back to Edinburgh this August. The Mumble managed to catch him on the phone for a wee blether…


Hello Twonkey, so you’re heading to Brighton, whats going on?
Twonkey: I’ve been in fact I’m just in the door but went super well and I had a busy house both nights.Its a sweet show this year.

What was the show & will we be seeing it in Edinburgh?
Twonkey: Twonkey’s Night Train to Liechtenstein….and yes it’s coming to Edinburgh.

Ah, a new instalment in the Twonkey saga – what’s the latest news?
Twonkey: A tale of Inherited Wealth… and murder.

You’ve recently had your face plastered over the cover of the Prague Fringe guide, how did this come about?
Twonkey: They liked the picture. Its like a poster for a rave but it catches your eyes. Inside the mag is a feature about the festival. I am told my show will sell out….so fingers crossed. Every major restaurant and clubs have copies.

When does Prague kick off and what’s are the logistics behind your stay there?
Twonkey: Its Prague Fringe at the Museum of Alchemists 2018: 25th, 26th and 27th of May, 19:45 hours. I’ll be staying near the Žižkov Television Tower but the festival is in the old town just over the Charles Bridge.


What makes Mr Twonkey want to return every year on the wings of a new adventure?
Twonkey: I’m sick I’ve got the bug ….I enjoy it. I still have new ideas for it. Its getting better. The day I stop having fresh ideas I will stop. Its hard work….but its worth it when it clicks into place.

For anyone who has not seen a Twonkey show, what shall they expect?
Twonkey: The above video will tell its own story. I sit with my puppets and sing to them. I have a story. I have warped songs. I try to keep it funny. I like it to be moving…. I like dressing up, and been silly.

Can you describe in a single sentence the experience of performing at the Fringe?
Twonkey: The Fringe is a hoot and a toot but its going to burn you out in the end.

What will Mr Twonkey be doing in 2019?
Twonkey: Twonkey’s Trouble in the Dordogne is next for 2019….and a play I’ve co-written about David Lynch.

You can catch Mr Twonkey at the Fringe

Heroes @ Dragonfly (Venue 414) ​

Aug 3-7, 9-21, 23-26 (18:00 )



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