An Interview with Kevin Matviw


Kevin Matviw is a Canadian comedian par excellence, & this year he doubling up with two fine, fine shows. The Mumble managed a wee blether with this very brave, & very funny, man 

Hello Kevin, so where ya from and where ya at, geographically speaking?
Kevin: I’m from Victoria B.C., Canada’s weed capital. I now live in Toronto, Canada’s wannabe capital.

When did you first realize you could make people laugh?
Kevin: I was in Grade One. We were doing a taste test while wearing blindfolds. Our teacher told us to put some apple into our mouths and I said “but what if we forget where our mouths are?”, which actually sounds like something I’d say now.

How did you get into Comedy?
Kevin: I wanted to be a very serious dramatic actor, but thrived in the improv portion of my acting classes. Next year, I’m combining drama and comedy in a my new play “Glenngarry, Glenn Ross from Friends”.

Can you tell us about your teaching work at The Second City Training Centre?
Kevin: I teach the improv “Yes And” philosophy as well as more advanced tactics, but it’s mostly teaching adults how to play make-believe.

You’ve got three famous figures from history coming round for dinner. Who would they be & what would you cook; starter, mains & dessert?
Kevin: I would have dinner with three Abraham Lincolns. What would I cook? Ha! Who’s got time to cook when you’ve got THREE Abraham Lincolns??

Why are you bringing two shows to the Edinburgh Fringe this year, do you think you can handle the doubling?
Kevin: Why not? I don’t want to live forever! Death Ray Cabaret is only running until the 14th, so it’s really only the first two weeks that will be insane. After that, everything is a cool breeze until my last show on August 26th. Right?

As for Death Ray, you are being directed by Shari Hollett, who is she?
Kevin: Shari is a well-known, highly respected director in Toronto’s theatre/comedy scene and her previous work with The Second City (home to alums such as Stephen Colbert, Tina Fey and Gilda Radner to name a few) is what drew us to her. She’s as delightful as three Abraham Lincolns!

Death Ray Poster

Can you describe your working relationship with Jordan Armstrong in a single word?
Kevin: I can’t! Jordan Armstrong is a genius. She’s been nominated for a Dora (the Canadian equivalent to a Tony Award), won a Canadian Comedy Award and can play the flute, sax, piano, clarinet and is okay on the guitar.

What are the differences between North American comedy audiences & the British version?
Kevin: Canadians spend most of their time looking out the window at snow or listening to the howl of wild dogs chasing a deer under a stark, moonlit night. As a result, the mind wanders and Canadian humour can be pretty dark and absurd. My limited experience in the UK suggests that British audiences aren’t afraid of that stuff, but they appreciate the cleverness of a good one liner too. I mean, so do we, but if it’s not about death then we’re not listening.

For your solo show, how have you chosen you sketches & jokes?
Kevin: As of today (July 20th), I have. Things will likely change as the deadline approaches and I start to freak out more.

Cowards Poster.jpg

You’ve got 20 seconds to sell each show to somebody in the street, what would you say?
Kevin: Both shows are written and performed by alums of the legendary Second City, so you can’t go wrong! Death Ray Cabaret has fast paced, hilarious songs, beautiful harmonies and a song about Sting. Kevin Matviw: Self Defence for Cowards is a solo sketch show with everything from an Ernest Hemingway impression to sketches where the audience is the hero. On top of that, we’ve got-wait. Was that 20 seconds? Where are you going? I have so much more to sa-

What will Kevin Matviw be doing after the Fringe?
Kevin: I will likely watch from heaven as my casket is slowly lowered into the ground and chuckle to myself as the priest mispronounces my last name.

Self Defence For Cowards

Laughing Horse @ The Place Hotel
Aug 2-26th  (18.45)


Death Ray Cabaret

Laughing Horse @ The Place Hotel
Aug 2-14th  (22.30)


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