Short & Curly: Young at Start


Pleasance Courtyard
Aug 2-13th to 15-27th (16:30)

Material: three-stars.png  Delivery: four-stars.png  Laughs: four-stars.png

Short? Yes! Curly? Yes! Funny? Absolutely!!! Think of the Krankies, Little and Large and Cannon and Ball, but don’t be fooled by the nods to the past, this is Short and Curly, a new duo in town. Hitting the Edinburgh Fringe with a bang, this unlikely double act take us on a memorable journey from Curly’s childhood to adulthood, but with a difference. Short and Curly: Young at Start is a sketch comedy show which incorporates noticeable characters from times past, something Curly struggles with and would rather forget as he clearly not enjoying the thought of turning 40 years old. Short is true to her title; small, bossy and cheeky. As the room heats up and the tales of the past are unveiled, the laughter is hard to contain. Getting older is a guarantee we all share, but how we deal with the process is another matter, & with someone like Short always there to remind you of the inevitable, it can take its toll on you. Literally ageing you by the minute.


The art of sketch show comedy is very apparent in this production. Handmade props that could have been constructed straight out of a Blue Peter annual add to the witty atmosphere. With throwback references to Neighbors, Power Rangers, High School days, not forgetting Kylie and Jason of course, you will not be short of laughs. Short and Curly are fresh, raw, pure and simple with side-splitting moments. The research into what elements of life we as people tend to wish to forget has been well adapted into this one hour show of slap-stick humour. The acting, and in particular the facial expressions, where hilarious.  Like a tug of war these two pull you back and forward from sketch to sketch leaving a trail of laughter firmly behind them. If you wish to be be moved, entertained, tested, encouraged, influenced and delighted then do not hesitate see Short and Curly: Young at Start.

Raymondo Speedie




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