Andy Onions: PowerPointless


Apex Hotel Grassmarket
Aug 2-7, 9-14, 16-21, 23-26 (13:10)

Material: four-stars.png   Delivery: five-stars  Laughs: four-stars.png 

Have you ever seen a comedian and thought, “If I had a pint in a pub with this guy, we’d be friends.” Well, today I just met my new best mate Andy Onions; a high-energy X-Generation comedian and genuine nice guy with undeniably shit-hot PowerPoint skills. This is an ideal show to pop into after a few drinks with friends, but you’d better start the session early as his Apex Grassmarket show starts early (1.10pm).

If you want to see a stupid man in Hawaiian shirt with a big screen run around with computer games and singalongs and super happy fun times. Maybe this is for you
Read the full interview here…

A tipsy lunch with Andy Onions is a marvelous way to begin a day of enjoyment & pleasure-seeking at the Festival. Andy is all fun; a mix of hyper-genius Robin Williams with a hungover Jack Black. His show, PowerPointless, rolls relentlessly on a tsunami of laughter, all guided by a PowerPoint presentation which took hundreds of hours to create. Here we have wonderfully silly quizzes such as ‘Hipster or Hungarian’ & ‘Name That Spoon,’ alongside among many other nuggets, plus a dash of Street Fighter nostalgia, all weaved together with endearing, whirlwind speed storytelling and spot-on observations.

Caravaggio – a distant relation

Andy Onions is like a stick of genius dynamite on repeat as he befriends the room with glimpses into his childhood, relationships, love of football and work-a-day life, and we’re in on all the jokes. An hour with Andy Onions is never a dull moment, and I left wanting more. His unabashed silliness coupled with smart and creative insights are definitely not to be missed, & his mastery of the modern art of power point presentation seemed to me as if it were Caravaggio with a projector. Also, & this is rare during the Fringe, I was chomping at the bit of enthusiasm all the way through the show so powerful is Andy Onion’s performance & his non-stop preternatural montage.

Emily Beeson Bullen


PowerPointless Poster

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