Rosie Sings! Facts About Love


Fingers Piano Bar
4th – 26th August (16.20)

After last night’s musical Hip-Hop adventure at Sketchy Beats it was 5am this Morning that my head hit the pillow. I was home by 2am, but couldnae stop writing. I awoke with sun streaming through my window, &  with a smile knowing that today Divine would have the opportunity to take in the mesmerising beauty of “Rosie Sings”. It was a beautiful Saturday as I strolled into town. The city was heaving with smiling faces, even the beggars were doing a roaring trade. Everyone was happy. The Sun did indeed have its hat on. So I hurried my pace coz I didnae want to miss my date to see Rosie perform. Its been a year since her beauty graced my life. Last year’s show was one of Divine’s 5 Star recommendations. So I was eager to see just how the show had matured.

I entered the venue to the songs of Duffy and Amy Winehouse. This put me in the mood immediately. I love them both and was happily singing along with my pint of water, with ice and lemon. Rosie walked on stage and my heart melted. Her blond ringlets complimenting her beautiful face, beautiful teeth and smile. Her lovely white and flowery dress and diamante Heels. Her beautiful singing voice. It is only when she speaks that the true Rosie comes to life. This girl loves sex, avoids alcoholics, but is ok with ketamine. A packed Fingers Cellar Bar, instantly warmed to Rosie’s enlightening comedy and genuinely hilarious tales.

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As I said earlier, Rosie is gorgeous in a classic 1950’s kind of way. As a singer, she is easily on par with Duffy and Amy Winehouse, which was perfectly complimented by the brilliance of her pianist and musical director, Doug Price. This Bbby really makes the Piano sing, complimenting Rosie’s vocal range, reproducing classics in a very satisfying way indeed. Behind the mask of every clown, there is a genius. Rosie’s genius is her singing voice, everyone was thrilled by this. The unique and classy bit was her song, sung in about twenty different languages. It is the International Fringe, so there is a bit in this show for Fringers of every nationality. Rosie has a big heart and wants to include everyone.

Its also part of The Free Fringe, so there is nothing to lose apart from an hour to the talents of Rosie. As I left the venue, I got all tongue tied and blushed like a schoolboy. Thanked her for the performance and tripped on a step, falling flat on my face. It was just like that sketch from Only Fools And Horses, where Dell is getting the come on from two ladies in the bar, he leans on the bar and its been lifted up by the bartender while Del Boy wasnae looking and falls flat on the floor. I was too embarrassed to continue our conversation. Oh well, I know that with Rosie’s talent and seeing as she is a local now I am pretty sure I will Hear her amazing voice again soon.

Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert