Nick Revell: Broken Dream Catcher

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Stand 4
Aug 2-26th (15:35)

Material: four-stars.png Delivery: four-stars.png  Laughs: three-stars.png

Nick Revell has a lot to say – and I’m pretty sure most of it is complete nonsense. The premise of the show is basically how his Dream Catcher got broken. Along the way we are introduced to a host of celebrity cameos featuring everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow to Vladimer Putin and taking us from the pretentious Hipster bars of North London to the frozen tundra of the Bering Strait. His brand of nonsense is something to behold and his imaginative tangents are as entertaining as they are baffling. I can’t say that I got every reference, but those that did seemed to be appreciating them fully. But I don’t mind things going “Over my head” a little at times. It’s just refreshing to see a comedian, or any artist for that matter, being true to themselves and not trying to dumb down their material to reach a broader audience. The references I did get were certainly witty and sharply observed. All of this was helped along considerably by the likability of Mr Revell and his unwillingness to conform to comedy show norms of insulting the audience or telling people what gruesome celebrity he resembles. He did mention his pet cat, but that was only to win a bet with his mates so that can be forgiven.

Want to hear a bonkers story this afternoon? Lasts an hour, feels like twenty minutes. Sex, violence, a talking bear and classic 70s disco.
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Nick RevellWhat made his gibberish also engaging was the conviction with which he delivered it. Great surrealism should always be on the cusp of being believable. It is known as the suspension of disbelief. And this comic did that with great aplomb. Even when describing Vladimer Putin’s homosexual arse going on a hedonistic rampage in Berlin I was almost there with him. Mr Revell is certainly a cleverer man than me and surely that’s whom enjoyable entertainment should be delivered by. If I think I can do it myself I’ll just do it myself. If I think that there’s no way I could do that I sit back, pay my entrance fee and enjoy the ride. Much of his imagery will stay with me for a long time and I’m positive I must have learned something. Maybe not strictly accurate information but certainly the hold you can have on an audience when you steadfastly refuse to compromise your integrity or intelligence or imagination to appeal to the “Made in Chelsea” generation. Long may you jabber nonsense Mr Revell and long may your uncompromising anarchy reign!

Victor Pope


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