Great British Mysteries: 1599?


Pleasance Courtyard

Aug 1-27 (16:45)

Material: five-stars   Delivery: four-stars.png  Laughs: four-stars.png 

Something is rotten in Ye Olde London Towne. And its not just the stench of night-soil! New girl Olive Bacon has come up from the country and she has a fine nose for a mystery – and for when her prize pig is in season – which is pretty much constantly! Teaming up with hapless landlocked seaman Teddy Tyrell, the duo go a-witch-hunting through a wildly historically (and geographically) inaccurate Tudor England. All manner of confusion ensues.

It’s Horrible Histories mashed-up with the cast of Made in Chelsea on a Scooby-Doo Mystery. Olive and Teddy meet a queer assortment of characters, including the Stinking Bishop and the retired Witch-Finder General, who has given up cremating young women and now finds release from her crippling PTSD through home-baking!

The tone of GBM tries to marry wordy, quite intricate, humour with the utterly stupid and occasionally base. People seemed to invest in that combination which was very fortunate for us
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With faces made for comedy – check out the great mug shots on their advertising poster – the pair had me laughing from the start. The plot zips along, ably assisted by some nifty (if factually shifty) multimedia in the background. But the belly laughs come from the sparking playfulness between Olive and Teddy. This energetic pair had the audience roaring with laughter, Henry VIII stylee, as they hunted down and finally catch their quarry – and its not what they expected…..

This is the second instalment of the Great British Mysteries – their debut show sold out last year. Be sure to grab a ticket this year, sell your urchins if you have to. If you like your comedy fast and witty, silly and a little bit bawdy you’ll split your doublet and hose at Teddy and Olive. These guys deserve an award of some sort! Or I’ll eat my britches.

Mark MacKenzie


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