Hal Cruttenden: Chubster

Pleasance Courtyard
August 9-14, 16-26 (21:00_

Material:five-stars Delivery: five-stars   Laughs: five-stars

I was very impressed with the size of the Pleasance Courtyard’s grand gothic hall, its stunning thick oak beams and its great acoustics. Then the lights dimmed, the curtain pulled back slightly, and there he was our wee ‘Chubster’ to entertain us with his banter, wit and somewhat dubious dance moves! Hal is one of the biggest acts around at this year’s festival.  I had previously see Hal on TV – Live at the Apollo & Have I Got News For You – so I was aware of his pedigree and was hoping for a real treat! I was not disappointed whatsoever, he was absolutely brilliant from start to finish.

It was none stop laughter from start to finish, you have either got it or you haven’t, and Hal certainly has it and then some! His show was a real mix of material, pontificating upon everything from weight-gain to kids and Brexit. Hal throws in a splash of audience participation, but not much as he prefers to rely on having a poke at the world in general. Hal’s humour is a mix of anecdotes, observations and funny stories, with a bit of doggy dancing thrown in for good measure. As you would expect from someone of his stature his performance was flawless and filled with belly laughs throughout. Chubster is one of the slickest that I have vere seen and I can’t recommend Hal high enough. He is also one for the full family and a very safe and very funny pair of hands, with a sprinkle of something for everyone.

Mark Parker



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