Dirty White Boys: Manners


Just the Tonic @ The Caves
August 2-26 (22.10)

Material:four-stars.png Delivery: four-stars.png   Laughs: four-stars.png

The Dirty White Boys are back at the Fringe. They are white, yeah, they’re a bit naughty at times, but as for boys, nah, these guys are real working men in a realm which needs good solid performers. I love the physical quality of their act; they come across individually as a young Christopher Biggins & the bullying intensity of an early Ade Edmondson. As a double act they are the 21st century’s Two Ronnies; the sketch where they are speaking in unison is particularly sublime. The rest of their sketches do vary in quality – like a box of Quality Street – a couple were, well, sketchy, but when they really let rip it is comedy adamantine.

We exhaust one idea of comic potential and move onto the next one. No stone left unturned. And they’re really beautifully bizarre ideas this year
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Happy to indulge in international stereotypes & other such comedic archetypes, yet chucking original ideas into the mix, their show is a lovely blend of manic & amusing moments. Examples include a Crystal Maze clip, Judith & Valerie’s Avon sex-toy chat, Maud & Milo’s Motel & Mortuary & the opening Russian spy thriller which is a stormblast of guffawing perfection. The best, however, was the Pub Quiz section where the quizmaster focused all his efforts on the break-down of his marriage. Watching the Dirty White Boys makes one proud to be part of the Great British sketch tradition, which the lads are handling with confidence, deference & talent.



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