David McIver Is a Nice Little Man


Aug 15-25 (14.30)

Material:four-stars.png Delivery: four-stars.png Laughs: four-stars.png

David McIver is Daftness Incarnate is a more appropriate title for the laddie’s latest contribution to the Edinburgh Fringe. I reviewed him personally last year & I always like to see how comedians grow in 12 months, & I noticed marked improvement in David’s delivery – he’s a much slicker prospect in 2018 & is a cut above most free fringe shows.

McIver’s montage begins with him being beaten up with baguettes, & continues through a series of characters all loosely held together by a Decameronesque 18th birthday party. Each one is screamingly funny at times, & even when the jokes go off piste a bit, you still laugh anyway because Dave is just such a funny entertainer. This is the true secret of comedy & McIver has found the portal. Changing costumes before our eyes, we were presented with an Alan Partridge style ‘Supply Sergeant,’ a mid-life-crisis kinda, street-savvy ‘Cool Dad,’ & ‘Taz’, the Masculinity Guru.

There is nothing not to love about David McIver, & everything to praise. He is one of the rare comics in Edinburgh, actually, who I would say go & see again, when I believe you will end up laughing even harder. He’s a one-man comedy cult is our David & needs to be seen at least once every Fringe.



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