Comedians Against Humanity

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Pleasance Dome – AceDome
August 15-27 (23:00)

Creating a thematic improv show is like cooking up a curry. It’s all about the ingredients. Each night throughout the Fringe, Yianni Agisilaou dons the head chef’s hat & attempts to cook up an hour of entertainment using the spices, meat & veg of three different comedians. Thus, the show will always vary in quality, & on the night I was there the sparks were not flying alas. Still, many in the largish audience for such a late slot were thoroughly enjoying themselves with pints in hands; most of whom – my wife & I were guessing – were players of the game ‘Cards Against Humanity.’


After the conventional improv games which gel our performance trio into a street- fighting unit, the show-shift arrives at bouncing off the politically incorrect, fill-in-the-blank statements found on the cards given to every member of the audience. Our three comedians relished such mischievous fodder & seemed to thoroughly enjoy the occasion. Comedians Against Humanity is good if you’re drunk & uneasily offended, or the aforementioned fan of the card game – both groups of whom in the audience were in stitches. For the rest of us, its a bit like Jack Fultons, a frozen food retailer from South Yorkshire, whose customers are all very much aware of the street proverb attached to that store – ‘pay your money & take your chances.’




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