Sisters: On Demand


Pleasance Courtyard
August 15th-26th (20.15)

Material: three-stars.png  Delivery: four-stars.png  Laughs: four-stars.png

Sisters are doing it for themselves, or is it brothers transcending a range of limitations beyond their control? Mark and Christy are the co-founders of SISTERS: On Demand. Two young, bearded, cocky lads with confidence leaking out of them like an out-of-control toothpaste tube, gracefully glide onto the stage. From the very outset the laughs were rampant, drawn from the audience like a fish struggling for air, you’re hooked. Simply put, Sisters: On Demand is an app you can use to hire, these likely lads for functions which will guarantee more excitement than any Netflix film can offer.

Subject matter is important to any show and this one does in way disappoint. Grasping at life’s funny and difficult situations, we are catapulted from one sketch to another, ysing not much more than a white sheet, a baseball cap and a remote controller as props. I found myself being treated to some of the finest raw sketch acting on offer at this year’s Fringe. Diving deep into the sketches, we are made aware of how funny life can be; arguing parents using kids as ammunition, marriage proposals at an airport check in, sexual robots, a virtual reality Hitler game and not forgetting the local classic Sunshine on Leith, all of which add to this roller-coaster of a show.

A day without laughter is a day wasted, & the well conceived & professionally planned-out Sisters: On Demand is a barrel of laughs and a breath of fresh air. Mark and Christy have pulled together a delicious slice of sketch comedy – dark, bad, funny, direct, confusing, light-hearted, impressive and thought-provoking in the most questionable of ways – the laughter that rose riotously at the beginning remained with us all until the very end.

Raymondo Speedie


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