Yianni Agisilaou: I, Human


Pleasance Dome
Aug 16-26 (21:40)

Material: four-stars.png  Delivery: five-stars  Laughs: three-stars.png

Comedy is a strange beast. Or rather Comedians are strange beasts. Especially the nerdier varieties which make sure they obtained a degree in law, and have an innate love of computers and technology in general, just in case the dream of being a funny clown didnae pay off. Welcome to Yianni Agisllau and his most exotic of names. Yianni itself conjures images of beautiful melodies and Greek mythology – indeed our comedian possesses a face as handsome of that of a Greek God. Everything was going swimmingly until he opened his mouth. In an instant, I was transported back to Adelaide. Yep thats right Yianni is as Ozzy as they come. Not that this fact detracted from the performance. Indeed most of tonight’s audience were repeat offenders coming back to marvel at Yianni’s thought-proving show. Theatre 10 of the Dome was packed with people and it was as hot as a South Australian summer’s day. Just to make the Ozzies in the audience feel at home, he had an air conditioner on stage that made no difference at all.

Yianni has gone down a storm on the Australian Fringe Circuit, and with the strength of his performance, I can understand why. This guy works hard to keep his audience on the ball. His chosen subject matter, information technology, instantly creates a comedic tremor in one’s soul. His delivery was relentless, a comedian with a lot to say. I Human is an education into both IT history and the future of IT and its speed of evolution. Even the most celebrated of clowns would find it difficult to make this subject matter interesting and funny. Did I laugh? Well yes, it was a very entertaining hour and nerd comedy has found a new home in my heart.

Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert


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