Sid Singh: American Bot

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Just The Tonic at the Mash House
Aug 21-26 (18:25)

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Displaying sid3.jpgIs Sid Singh the Silicon King? To find out, I reccomend checking out his solo show, American Bot, where this, & many other questions shall be answered.  Sid smilingly takes to the stage and immediately gets down to setting the rules straight. Our comedian is an Asian-American who is living the American dream in San Francisco…. or is he? As Sid traverses the many highs and lows of the economic and digital world we live in, I revelled in his storytelling, which remains funny despite coming from a serious angle, & catapults us into the murky depths of globilization through the companies that control the daily lifes of all humanity. Silicon Valley plays host to Facebook, Google, Youtube, Air BnB, and Sid does not like it!


American Bot is educational and informing, direct and truthful, & with a sprinkling of funny innuendos there is room for laughter beyond reason. There  are not many topics that fail to get Sid’s blood boiling. Sharing some of his own personal expericences that he has encountered , we are soon traveling through subjects that seem dear to us all. Diversity, race, religion, gender, equality, colour, money, status, racisim, power, women, men, hate, love… the list is endless.  This is a show you must take with a pinch of salt, but also one with many a hidden message.   A show that encourages change but also allows us to see the funny side of life. What is a day without laughter when everything seems so serious around us and Sid captures this perfectly. If we dont speak up then we will lose our voices and and I cannot see Sid Singh losing his any time soon. His American Bot has some clever points, but with his twists of silliness you leave with a sense understanding that life should, of course be serious, but better when enjoyed with a sense of joviality.

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