An Interview with Henry Churney and John Wilson


Henry Churniavsky and John Wilson, aka Dickie Dido – now that is a must-see comedy combo!

Hello lads, so first things first, where are you both from & where are you at, geographically speaking?
Henry: We are both from Liverpool. I was born in Kirby & live in Liverpool. John lives on the Wirral.

When did you first realise you were funny?
Henry: I’ve always loved comedy. My father introduced me to the Goon show & American Jewish Comedy.  I wrote appx 6/8 years ago 2 comedy sitcoms. 1 about a Jewish family & 1 about a Liverpool Hairdresser. It was only when I found out I could do a stand up course & I could do it.

When did you first develop a passion for comedy?
John: Growing up with a comedian in the Family (Al Dean) always inspired me, and of course being a teenager in the 80’s I had plenty of great comedy to draw from, it fascinated me. It took me a while to find my comedy chops but always wanted to pursue this amazing art form.


So how did you get into stand-up?
John: I had to wait until my 40’s, listening to live comedy podcasts by Brian Gittins and calling in and joining in the madness. That’s when a very close friend introduced me to the Liverpool comedy course ran by the very talented Sam Avery. Following on from that I was invited to Brighton and ‘Stickymikes Frog’ bar to perform at ‘Gittins to know you’ several times working along side Mainstream acts which cummulated In me starting up ‘HooHa comedy’ back in Liverpool with a few friends. This escalated into some big nights for the Liverpool comedy festival working alongside the wonderful Alex Lowe(Clinton Baptiste & Barry from Watford), Tony James (Bobbie Williams), Mark Silcox, Johnny T.Grrr, Top Joe, Darren Partington and many more. Which then lead me to gigging at the 100 club for Barry from Watford’s Christmas on Ice.

You’ve got three famous comedians (dead or alive) coming round for dinner. Who would they be & what would you cook; starters, mains & dessert?
Henry: Billy Connelly – cook him haggis ( Starter) to make him feel at home what else. A deep fried mars bar!! Mel Brooks – main course – salt beef ( very jewish ) but as a fellow Jew I would include chicken Soup with Matzah balls/ chopped liver with Challa ( Jewish Bread). Latkas ( potato cakes) & kudel to finish. Peter Sellers/ Spike Milligan duo ( desert) – have to be an Eaton Mess.


You are quite the comedy internationalist, can you tell us about your travels?
John: More podcasts again, calling into the ‘Double Special Show’ from Florida with Chris & Cristal Gorges. Having booked a holiday there I was asked to gig with Chris at Coconuts the oldest comedy club in Florida and Snappers in Palm Harbor. I’m very fortunate to gig there every time I return.

Where & when did you two meet?
John: I stepped in to fill a spot for Henry’s showcase gig off the back of his comedy course.

Where, when & why did you & John decide to team up as a comedy duo?
Henry: John was at my first ever gig. He had done the course a while before but came back to help the show. We stayed in touch & I gigged at his club. We kept in contact doing gigs & then we joined forces to do some charity gigs. When I started to think about the Fringe we were chatting & as he had not done it before he asked if we could do a show together. I thought it was a great idea & we spent time thinking of ideas..& the rest … history.

You were at the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe, with your “2 Religions 1 Comedy show” – how did you find the experience?
Henry: Incredible is the best way to describe this experience. I was with a London comic Joe Bains. We were blown away by the number of people who came to see us. 3 day shows at Peartree. The first had standing room only. Over 80 came!! The second over 60 & the last day ( it was pouring with rain) we had 50!! It showed me I can do this at a higher level than I thought

What have you got for us this year?
Henry: The show is called “A Jewish Sexagenarian and a Liverpudlian Plumber walk into a bar…” My show is “A Grumpy Sexagenarian. Can it get worse?…Yes He’s Jewish.” Talks about getting through a mid-life crisis and now getting into Old age and being Jewish, that’s been hard! He will cover topics such as Growing Up, Marriage, Being Jewrotic (That’s a neurotic Jew) and even has time to discuss various surgical procedures he has had to go under to be at the Fringe. As for Dickie “9 ½ leaks” – ever see those adult movies where the plumber calls to fix a blockage? Those movies taught Dickie Dido everything he knows about plumbing…and comedy. Dickie is a Plumberer to the stars and has got many famous people on his books. He has even inspired many a song.

What were the creative processes that went into the creation of Dickie Dido?
John: I’ve always been a big fan of character comedy, I just found some glasses a wig and hat, oh and teeth, bingo!

A Jewish Sexagenarian and a Liverpudlian Plumber walk into a bar…

The Place in the Baird

Aug 1-4 (21:15)


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