Brandi Alexander


Gilded Balloon Rose Street Theatre
2nd – 25th August

Material: four-stars.png  Delivery: four-stars.png  Laughs: four-stars.png


Boom, bang, slap, WAKE UP, Brandi Alexander is back! The larger than life silver-dressed Brandi engages her audience with a lasso that will hold you tight until the end is nigh. As Brandi pushes her natural-born talents as a comedian, she goes on a journey of rebirth… but with more baggage than a Boeing 747 the outcome is like the toss of a coin. Having to climb the ladder of comedy success wasn’t going to be easy, especially when you are the opening act for the very man who is your soul eater. With every turn and twist Brandi delivers a thought-provoking realistic take on life as it is. Reflections on age, girth, past encounters, weight, appearance and most importantly sexual satisfaction, Brandi is not shy.


Is reality true or just an illusion, this show certainly makes you ask that very question. Its hungry work watching Brandi caress her crowd into a secure sense of being, and then drop a bombshell like no other. In a world where men take more digestive biscuits than they are entitled too. Brandi’s comedy is a landslide of well-crafted shrewdeties, that open up subjects normally firmly closed. A wonderful, honest performance that will shock, tickle, stun and humble you, but always with the very best intentions to please. Courageous and uplifting, Brandi Alexander is an experience like no other.

Raymondo Speedie


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