Chris Washington: Raconteur


Baby Grand – Pleasance Courtyard
31st Jul – 25th Aug (20.15)

Material: three-stars.png  Delivery: four-stars.png  Laughs: four-stars.png

Chris Washington is an ordinary lad, with a tremendous gift for explaining his ordinary life in a hilarious way. In his show, Raconteur, you feel you are sitting around the kitchen with your funniest mate, recollecting the annoyances of everyday happenings. Chris doesn’t talk about politics, or the environmental crisis, or Russian Nuclear treaties, he is just a purely funny guy doing what he loves, in fact, I would say he was born to be a stand-up comedian. You can just tell, he has always made the people around him laugh, and now he has made a career out of sharing with us what comes natural to him.


When I go to Fringe shows, I usually want to see something edgy, or that makes me think. I love the weird little things that people feel the need to perform. Chris Washington’s Raconteur is not like that. His show is an hour of laughter and enjoyment, which is a beautiful thing we all need from time to time. For this show, I sat in the front row, because no one else wanted to sit there. Super-early Fringe audiences and all that. It was great to pay such close attention to Chris. I’m writing this to try and help you all choose to sit at the front. It really improves the atmosphere and the front row seats are the best in the house. Fringe shows are beautiful for their intimacy, and it could be that we never have a chance to see Chris Washington in such a small venue again, when front row seats for one of his stadium shows will cost hundreds.

Robert Bewley


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