Luke Rollason’s Infinite Content

Copy of L_Rollason_Poster_WEB

Monkey Barrel Comedy
Aug 7-13, 15-25 (12.00)

Material: three-stars.png  Delivery: four-stars.png Laughs: five-stars 

In the fast-paced cyber-age we live in, people desire constant stimulation and instant gratification. Luke Rollason provides all of this. The breakneck pace of this show (heavily aided by the chaotic use of heelys) allows no time for daydreaming, instantly breaking any social barriers of embarrassment by immediately throwing the audience in at the deep end. Our participation is integral to the spontaneity and “infinite” variables of the show, where the unwitting participants are sure to look silly, yet not feel bullied, as we are encouraged to loosen up and not take ourselves too seriously.

Laughs: The total silliness of Luke Rollason’s Infinite Content had the audience laughing from start to end, from a wry smile through a guilty little chuckle all the way to irresistible laughing out louds. five-stars Delivery: Luke’s delivery and performance was excellent, his energy never dipped and the show never lulled – errors and hesitations were littered across the hour, but they were brushed away in good order & fine humour – even adding to the hilarity and unpredictability of the show. four-stars.png Material: Many of the gags were old and classic tricks, superbly refreshed by the integration of technology and props. However, if this show lacks anything, its that hint of originality. three-stars.png

I recommend seeing this silly slapstick spectacle, blooming with interactive technology, absurd props, and an energetic backing track of retro arcade music. Full of wholesome and idiotic gags, it is perfect for a lunchtime laugh.

Mat Boyd


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