Joe Bor: The Story of Walter & Herbert


Material: four-stars.png  Delivery: three-stars.png Laughs: four-stars.png Room: four-stars.png

This is the story of Walter and Herbert, two Jews who escaped the Nazis, came to the UK and became famous and successful. Joe Bor is the grandson of Walter Bor, who was a famous city planner from the period of new town construction. Meanwhile, Herbert Lom was appearing in dozens of films, including the Pink Panther series. The two men had a lifelong friendship after they came to the UK in 1939. Joe Bor tells the story of his grandfather and his friend through pictures, audio recordings, videos and comedy.

It’s a show that I’ve been working on for a while that means a lot to me, that’s funny and interested and heartwarming, if that’s what you like. (Read the full interview…)

Joe Bor presents The Story of Walter and Herbert with the aid of a slide-show. This is definitely not a boring uncle showing off his holiday snaps. No, this is a really enjoyable ride as Joe injects a personal apsect into an excellent story excellently told, a very meaningful piece I thoroughly recommend. His comedy shines throughout, enlivening the show and our hearts. I learned so much about Walter and Herbert, and I was instilled with curiosity to discover more.

People from Walter and Herbert’s generation are dying. How will we remember the lessons they learned? Joe Bor does a fantastic and entertaining job of preserving this small slice of important history.

Michael Beeson


The Story of Walter & Herbert

Underbelly George Square

Aug 1-25 (16:00)

walter and herbert poster2

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