Erich McElroy: Radical Centrist

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In Radical Centrist, Erich McElroy delivers a hilarious look at the political tug of war going on around us, where both sides are vying to out-extreme each other. Being an American who has now become a British citizen, Erich is able to relay an outsiders perspective on both countries politics. He claims “everything is political now” and in his jokes shows how he is constantly battling to do the right thing in his daily life.

Erich McElroy is a bona fide comedian and his show is a guaranteed laugh. He speaks a lot about the differences in cultures between the US and the UK, and as an American, I agreed with his radical view on beans for breakfast. Erich told one joke about baseball which missed. I think it is difficult for UK people to get an image of baseball in their heads, and the joke felt out of place. But he made other astute observations about British customs and habits, which were appreciated by everyone in the room. He told hilarious and poignant tales about raising children in today’s political climate and he explains how even his choice of dog was a political act.

In the UK and in the US (I still get a vote there) where both countries are so polarized we can’t get anything done if we don’t try and meet half way. I talk about that in the show, but in a funny way.
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The show helped me examine my own political choices in a new way. Erich mentioned some of the common ideas amongst left leaning people, and it made me question whether I really thought that way or if I was just agreeing with my peers. I think Erich McElroy can help us look at our politics with a bit of humor, and this could be the first step to finding common ground with the other side.

Michael Beeson


Radical Centrist

 Laughing Horse @ Bar 50

Aug 2-11 (14:15)


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