Any Suggestions Doctor? The Improvised Doctor Who Parody


Pleasance Dome – King Dome
2nd – 25th August (19.00)

Material: five-stars Delivery: five-stars
Laughs:five-stars Room: four-stars.png

I found myself in a queue with pen and cards being distributed to launch the platform on which the latest episode of Doctor Who shall be played out. Our little grey cells are jump-started into action, and already we are being entertained by way of collaboration and audience participation. To have the chance to set the scene and location is a thought-provoking and ice-breaking experience – it is impossible to stay insular while from among the chatter, absurd and quirky ideas seep out from an awaiting crowd. By the time the throng has ascended the Pleasance Dome’s stairs and taken their seats, a feeling of exciting anticipation was felt – an electrifying atmosphere akin to waiting for the latest ride at Blackpool or Alton Towers. It’s just magic.

Any Suggestions 682x304.jpg

Equally as entrancing are are the performances of each and every member of the cast. There are five actors who gel better than superglue, and give so generously to each other that the results cannot be anything other than superb. Such ability to think so fast and adapt at extreme speed to each others’ ever-changing dialogue is such a treat to witness, even if you are not a Dr.Who know-it-all. Last night’s performance was brilliant. Exciting music accompanied searchlights as their beams danced about the stage in front of an azure tardis. Then the cast entered and immediately high-fived the audience – genuinely thrilled to be performing to a packed house.


The beauty of this production is the variety of plots they will go through – every time different – and the challenges the cast face with such hilarious trepidation linking Dr.Who to his new location. Our performance was ‘The Demon Knitting Cult’ set at Hogwarts with Harry Potter and his mates Ron and Hermione delivering banter that fully embraced the mathematical Dr Who’s mannerisms and lingo, while still keeping it surreally Hogwartian. Terrible timing malfunctions caused Dr.Who to land in London in our time and witness the Gherkin being pelted with thousands of owl-delivered letters leading him to Hogwarts and the antics there, where professors and students alike were unravelling at the speed of light (more or less!). You get the idea! Thoroughly recommended!

Clare Crines


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