Assembly George Square – The Box
Aug 8-16, 18-28 (19:45)

Tonight I went out for a double bill from Zach Zucker’s Stamptown empire, one of the most prodigious & highly thought-of comedy umbrellas, which sends its Kraken-tentacle acts all across the world. Looking at the Fringe guide I’m like I can do two in a row in the Assembly Quarter of Edinburgh. Man & Woman was first, after which I had half an hour to get a butty a brew & a seat in the Box for BriTANicK. I was in a reyt good mood after my first slice of Americana, a buzz which was grabbed by Emmy-nominated writers Nick Kocher & Brian McElhaney, crush’d up into an energy ball, stretch’d out with phallic rolling pins & folded up into a funny-looking hat which they placed on their heads for an hour of sophisticated tandem clownerie.

It’s going to last about 2 seconds & quite possibly kill you

At its simplest BriTANick is sketch comedy, but as their show delved deeper & deeper into the wells of their shared creative genius, it slowly dawn’d on me I was watching an extremely well-woven & innovative tapestry of leitmotifs & running gags, all glued cleverly together by the natural chemistry of two consummate performers.  I especially loved the Wild West Saloon scene with its multiple characters & the potential man kiss between a father & his daughter’s suitor. The surreal memory-loss sketch is also a joy to behold, followed not long after by the tornado vortex of the the rip-roaring finale. As it erupted into the room, there was actual adrenaline running through my veins – proper exciting, like -, & I was genuinely fearful of being abducted into the show! 

So… its comedy, & its art, & its pretty entertaining stuff. Nick & Brian got the crowd proper cooking with their athletic performances, smart writing & infectious appetite for fun & I think everyone will leave the Box in a reyt good mood for the rest of their Fringe.


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