Jacob Hatton: Relax! (Exclamation Mark)

Laughing Horse @ The Counting House
Aug 7-15, 17-28 (15:15)

What’s the sound of 40 eyeballs rolling? You’ll know if you are in the audience when a comic starts off the show by entreating the audience to ‘just take a minute.. close your eyes and breathe….’

What’s the sound of twenty people sighing with relief? It’s when the audience realise that the comic (Jacob Hatton in this case) is taking the piss.


After a slightly wobbly start due no doubt to the Qatar indentured labour type atmosphere in the sweltering attic, Mr Hatton soon gets into his flow. The ‘Relax‘ conceit is simply to tie the show together, and in-between there is plenty of great gags, a beautifully worked interior monologue during ‘meditation,’ and some social comedy including a revolutionary answer to the Monarchy’s current woes… this one has legs.

It is the Free Fringe – Jacob Hatton is worth every penny you’ve got in your pockets.

Adam McCully

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