Sid Singh: Illegally funny

Laughing Horse – Cabaret Voltaire
Aug 18 – 28, 16.15

I took a stroll around CowGate Edinburgh to find a Free Festival Comedy show, on another hot day. So when I came across the venue Cabaret Voltaire I had to go in and I couldn’t resist. I picked a show there almost at random (but with the right time) called ‘Illegally Funny’.

It was a good idea of spontaneity because writer and performer Sid Singh was very funny. The venue is a bar, looking nice with its old stone walls and taverns a red neon arrow pointed the way to the room. It opened up as a marvellous space, great ceilings feeling very much underground.

The room alone had me happy as Sid came in to sit with us. His Comedy has taken him on tours with a team as he travels and lives like a rock star and his was almost as good as a famous music concert. That was how refined he has made it. His voice was ever so well trained as I closed my eyes to listen. The mic was his to control and his jokes were a parlour of intricacy.

The sleaze levels I was expecting died away as his honesty took the greater part of his jiving. There was something very different about his take making the show an informative rant based on experience, high (very high) living and in an attitude of nothing will stop me (especially my lack of intelligence, not ours but his).

Making his way out of the gate he pointed out our (humans) many abilities for great contradiction (in fact he said that it ruled the world). We are correct on the inside and quite annoying on the out (when we speak). But then took on his conference like act to state that we were arguing about the wrong debate (making us argue).

He didn’t need to make it up as his absurd, crowd riling jokes were based on the realities of his life, in all the things that he had done and seen as a lawyer no less, a lawyer of human rights (that he concluded by saying that he himself was a moron.

He heckled me twice (commenting on my Tie dye t-shirt but that has to be done to intimidate and grease up his audience), no need to big this guy up in a review; he was large enough as was. A venue named after the French playwright that won’t let you down but a comedian who will though only in his capable hands.

Daniel Donnelly

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