Tony Law: A Now Begin in Again

Monkey Barrel 3
Blair Street.
Aug 22-28 (12:00)

Tony Law is a man unstuck in time

The word genius gets banished about all too often.

so thats that.

Happily Tony Law is a lunatic

Kevin Bridges wrote a book during lockdown to occupy the comedians ‘100 mile an hour brain’

A fiesta can do 100MPH pal.

Adopted Son of Ulster Canadian free thinker Tony Law ain’t no fiesta.

He’s a flat out colours to the mast you won’t take me alive DMT on the chips nut job.

This show is like hitching a ride with a West Belfast joyrider in a Sierra Cozzy he has nicked off the local provo commander.

Hard to describe with out resorting to frilly reptiles, Venn diagrams and stream of consciousness absurdist flights of fancy.

There is Method in his Madness.

The man just lifts off like a falcon with a rocket up its arse.

Shergar, all I’m saying.

Didn’t know whether to laugh or stage an intervention

Get on down to Tone Town

Adam McCully

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