According To Everyone Else (WIP)

Lorraine Hoodless

Edinburgh Free Fringe Festival

Online Zoom

25th – 28th Aug, 2021

When approaching a zoom meeting for this Augusts Edinburgh Fringe the nerves get going with a feeling of anything could happen. I tuned into this show called ‘According to everyone else’ by the hilarious Lorraine Hoodless was one such show. As more and more faces appeared for the stand up solo performance her tiny stage space had blue fairy lights decorating the scene. She with enthusiasm gave us a countdown and asked for cameras and mike’s to be on so as to feed on our laughter and responses.

She came on owning the mike in a beautiful sequined like dress to offer her comedic vibe. She used all sorts of themes to joke about with punch lines of abrupt comedy. She allowed comments from her audience that came across as heckling; something I have not heard in a while, so was refreshing to take part in.

Everything from addiction to dating, self reflecting; telling us of her relationship with alcohol, saying she was no princess. She seemed a lovely girl until using crass and uncomfortable ideas where you either laugh or become offended. All of which is in the name of a stand up set up that always prove to be very popular.

On the shared Zoom screen we could gauge faces and reactions. A couple also in Edinburgh took in the show in a hot tub. This tickled Lorrain greatly as she spent some time joking about it. The sight of these two was a pleasant one and gave a unique experience for me and everyone else. She used one liners, punch lines and these were often very subtle but once grasped were very funny evoking bouts of laughter from everyone.

She took us into space as well and into fashion and podcast jokes. It was a pleasure just being there listening to her talk in stories about things that she flipped into being laughter filled suggestions. In her bag of treats she revealed her love of dolls. But put a skit on it as she showed us various hairdos she gave them.

Her confidence was obvious and her wit was ever expanding. She had the idea of making drinking alcohol an Olympic event (who else would have thought of that?), and compared a cat to a piano. These polar opposites were a big source for comedy that though very light hearted was not afraid to push the envelope of taste and discrepancy.

Lorraine was very easy to take in even as a small figure on a laptop screen. Her dress and lights sparkled in beauty; her smiles were just as rewarding to us as they were to her. Viewing this show wound up a resounding success, some of her audience she knew but for me it was an introduction to her kooky, comedic celebration and charmingly fast and honest jokes about whatever she felt like. This is what live comedy is about, she held her ground and gave as good as she got.

But she came across very happy about her show and how it is being viewed in this year’s online side of things. Very happy to denounce things that should not be, and spread awareness for things that should. Sending a message comes from any genre, perhaps hit further home when it’s done with a good sense of humour.

Daniel Donnelly

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