Myra Dubois: A Problem Shared.

Underbelly, Bristo Square (Dairy Room)
3rd – 28th August (19.45)

The last time that I received my calling to review Myra Dubois, was in 2019. Ms Dubois show was called “Dead Funny” where she invited us to experience her demise and plan her wake and funeral. Dark comedy disnae come much darker, especially when she changed her mind about the demise, hexing her audience for good measure instead. I thought then that Myra was going through a 3/4 life crisis. Displaying that darkness through art and comedy. Gothic Horror Comedy doesn’t come much darker. or funnier. Indeed a very challenging but brilliant performance.

Having taken some time out to ponder the success of “Dead Funny,” which would have a three-week residency at Sydney’s Royal opera House directly after her Fringe run in 2019, Myra made peace with her 3/4 life crises shadows and in 2020 devised her come-back as a resolved witch offering salvation to her fans. Inspired by becoming a stellar online presence during the Pandemic, Ms Dubois, with the help of Guru Grahah (from Rotheram), her success accelerated, & Myra was runner up on Britain’s Got Talent in 2020. After wowing Simon Cowell and co the Audience both off and on the telly gave Myra a standing ovation. This new direction and stage production, A Problem Shared, Is inspired by Ms Dubois’s amazing rise, which can can only be a good thing, Divine is delighted to say, that it was brilliant.

As we waited in the queue for our Healing, in The Underbelly Courtyard Nurse Lavender Rose was giving out disclaimers and pens for us to sign and write a problem that one would wish Myra Dubois to offer heart-felt guidance from her newly acquired insight. It was ever so exciting. The last time I saw Ms Dubois here, she was performing in a shipping container. We were ushered up and into the The Dairy Room, to be welcomed into the Dubois boudoir. The Dairy Room was much more fitting for a celebrity of Myra’s standing. OOooo I thought this was going to be a tonic.

Divine had front-row seats so I could really take in this theatrical therapy session. Yorkshire nurse Lavender Rose kept us all busy and entertained right up until the entrance of tonight’s hotly anticipated demonstration of the higher power in action. In an instant, I was mesmerised and inspired by how perfect Ms Duboir’s eye makeup was and how beautiful her eyes. Hmm, they were lovely. However enlightened this lady has become, Myra has lost none of her razor-sharp wit as she answered each question in turn. As one can guess it was really funny and untied her with her audience. Guru Graham has done a really good job.

Myra Dubois The Rebirth is a sensation that truly is welcoming, with audience singalongs and a celebrity guest spot. It was all totally glamorous darling. With just a little darkness. Indeed a splendid night. The Old Girl is back to bring her new enlightened offering to the masses And we loved it!

Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert

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