Katie Pritchard: Disco Ball

Pleasance Courtyard – The Cellar
Aug 8-14, 16-29 (18:05)

The Cellar at the Pleasance Courtyard is a simple black box venue, my favourite style of comedy space. It really helps the mind to engage with the act. Today it was Katie Pritchard, who has previously won best act at the Musical Comedy Awards and tonight’s show, her debut hour at that, totally represented her well-worthy of such an accolade.

The theme was set around her ex partner/flatmate leaving her. It was a musical bonanza like mixing every possible variety of Walker’s Crisps in a bowl and eating them with chocolate. You really never knew where she was going next, & that’s what made the show so exciting. Disco Ball is simply bursting full of wonderful and weirdly random content; I particularly enjoyed Kate Bush’s ghost while the audience were fully immersed in the 2-letter word scrabble song.

Katie mentions she can play 12 instruments and I found her to be a supremely talented singer, belting out some fantastic & funny lyrics of which I loved the hilarious & melodic ‘I wish Robert De Nero was in Cats.’ With audio-described costume changes we experienced everything from burlesque to rap. Katie was very interactive with the audience, she is super bubbly, giggly and highly energetic. She also critiqued herself throughout in a most tongue in cheek fashion which endeared us to even more.

An awesomely brave performance set to shift you from your comfort zone and tickle your funny bone. Definitely worth a watch if you’re out & about day-drinking.

Bobbi McKenzie

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