Lucy Frederick: My Big Fat Wedding

Gilded Balloon – Patter House
Aug 5-15, 17-28 (15.40)

The Patter House is situated at the bottom of Chambers St and is a grand arena for a comedy show. With many venue spaces inside I waited at the colourful bar until being shown to the room where Lucy Frederick awaited. She is a regular on the comedy circuit having appeared at The Top Secret Comedy Club, The Stand and Just the Tonic amongst lots of others. Now she’s in Edinburgh strutting her stuff; an energetic, confident and candid story-teller who had a philosophical and very comical approach to teaching the audience the value of self-love and acceptance. Her wedding anecdotes got many giggles despite the audience was early-Fringe quiet. She has a big personality designed for a big audience and her show would make a great start to any girly night out. The boys will love it too, but Lucy definitely appeals to the wee princess in all the ladies’ hearts.

I thoroughly enjoyed her theatrical delivery, while the power-point presentation of photographs gave a very personal touch to a witty portrayal of what it feels like to get hitched. My favourite part was the anecdote about her granny talking to her deaf grandad. Lucy enacted the entire conversation and I felt like I was in the very room with her & her grandparents, while making a serious subject humorous without being offensive. Excellent suspension of disbelief.

Watching Lucy in full flow felt at times as though I was being subliminally therapised into feeling confident and happy within myself. Very relatable content and I wish her all the best in her marriage and for her future shows.

Bobbi McKenzie

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