Eli Matthewson: Daddy Short legs

Underbelly, George Square – The Wee Coo
Aug 9-16, 18-28 (20:50)

‘Surprisingly homophobic,’ ‘Faggy humorous,’ mullet-sporting, possibly gay comedienne Eli Whatever tries to heed the advice of a Kiwi tv producer and stick to two gay jokes an hour. And fails. Hilariously. Runner up in ‘South Island Pandemic Mullet 2020’, narrator of ‘Reverse Parking for Queers’ and one time Voice of the New Zealand Tourist Board (Try something New New Zealand) this fella sticks it to the Man onstage and doesn’t get arrested.

After his father comes out to him, this slightly light-on-the-loafers commediatrix delves deep into the big questions of nature vs nurture and finds himself extolling the the benefits of homophobia (as without it he probably wouldn’t be here) and ponders the vexed question of why everyone in a Skyline is a C**t.

No boo-hoo biographical bleating. Only a little bitching and a gag a minute.

Worth a tenner just to hear a Kiwi try and pronounce AIRBnB.

5 stars for this guy. Polished professional entertainment. Fuc£ing hilarious!

Adam McCully

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