Life Drawing With a Comedian

Laughing Horse @ 32 Below
Aug 8, 10-15, 17-22, 24-28 (12:30)

Two hours ago I was walking thro the mid-day sun of an Edinburgh heatblast – a true rarity – taps aff & everything thinking I’m still too hot. Seeking respite from the invisible duvet I saw that there was Free Fringe on at the 32 Below venue, with all its connotations of being quite chilly. I was in.

The only show on at the time I arrived was Life Drawing With a Comedian. Now recently I’ve got reyt into painting, & it turns out I’m pretty good at circles & colours, but ask me to do a flower or a dog or owt & I’m completely useless. Comedy & training – this show seem’d perfect.

And so it proved – light jazzy piano tinkled into a room of eager folk, pencils in hand, hangovers dissipating into a new day, especially those of our two chaperones – Sean Michaels & Ruven Govender, from Sydney’s in-your-face Laugh Mob. Right nice lads n’all these two.

The ‘show’ if you can call it as such, is a really relaxed hopscotch thro a series of poses by Sean & Ruven, which evolved into incorporating themes such as anthropomorphism & abstract cubism. After each round, a selection of the group’s work were held up for all to see – including mine to what wasn’t mortification, just a pleasant reality that there are many levels of art ability & we’re all in it together. A part of that must be put down to our hosts’ ability to make us all feel dead chilled – it really was a pleasant & peaceful room & proof that going to see a comedy show isn’t about falling about in hysterics, giggling like schoolchildren – its about feeling good about yourself & possibly drawing like schoolchildren.


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