Garrett Millerick: Just Trying to Help

Monkey Barrel Comedy – Monkey Barrel 4
Aug 9-15, 17-28 (18:25)

In his beard, build & general bounciness there’s a bit of Brian Blessed in Garrett Millerick. Of course, Garrett is waaayyyyy funnier than Brian. He’s an impressive fountain of fun is this lad, I especially dug the way he projected into the future to find his comedy – based upon the fast approaching demise of our Queen, but I loved that. Most comedians are retrospective & contemporary in their search for material, but Garrett’s mind wanders everywhere.

Its nice to have the Russians back – every generation needs a good, proper enemy

A highlight for me was his adulation of Jeff Bezos, portraying him more as a Father Christmas figure than the oppressor of workers. I even went home & shared his opinion with my pals, such was Garrett’s influence. Its probably down to his extreme confidence in his ability to make us laugh, which I witnessed regularly throughout the show. There is a universality to his material which I noticed was reflected in an audience of all ages & an even gender spread.

Now the evil of the Welsh has risen in the east

At the end of his set Millerick is dripping with sweat, so energetically composed is his performance. That set, by the way, is full of such deadpan phraseology which I hope sometime he or his inheritors compile into a compendium of wisdom. ‘Don’t bring a baguette to a knife-fight you fanny,‘ definitely has to go in. He’s like the Lao-Tze Tung of laughter, & paints landscapes of the same vistas of life which we all can see, but his are guaranteed to make us laugh.


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