Chelsea Birkby: No More Mr Nice Chelsea

Just the Tonic at the Caves
Aug 8–28, 15.40

Back on the old streets of old Edinburgh it’s exciting to find your way to the next show to see. I arrived at the Just the Tonic at the caves underneath Northbridge & was there for a comedy written and performed by the delectable Chelsea Birkby called, ‘No More Mr Nice Chelsea.’ I went on to spend a more than amusing hour finding out what she had put together as she flips from being the nice girl to a ‘really nasty bitch.’ I love a good journey of discovery!

Chelsea has cooked up a good, intelligent set – her polished writing skills are laudable, a series of clever jokes built chiefly upon a solid foundation of audience interaction. We were all in high spirits on this sunny day and made her welcome with many an easy laugh in response. As she slapped down gratuitous skits on some rather personal matters – including her own mental health which was both touching & funny – her timing was generally good, if a tad off here & there, but Chelsea can definitely take an honest place among the comedians diaspora of the Fringe.

As the show progressed, Chelsea relaxed & let go a bit, but there was also a hint of befuddled nervousness here & there. I’m sure by the end of the Fringe & then going forward, she’ll be a slick comedy machine, but she wasn’t quite there the day I saw her. All the pieces are there for a great show, instead of a good one, & I would like to see this show again to see how she’s progressed. I’m sure she will accomplish a firmer grounding on which to elevate this show to the heights it deserves.

Daniel Donnelly

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